What are the objectives of the Association?

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1. To foster a continuing dialogue, discussion and exchange of ideas about issues of interest to residents within the Catchment Area.

2. To consult Association members regularly and to keep them informed of current issues.

3. To protect the natural character, charm and diverse nature of the area.

4. To fortify understanding and tolerance within the community and to ensure members have a fair and equal opportunity to contribute to the consultation and decision process.

5. To monitor and respond as necessary to all major planning applications in the area and to act as a stakeholder partner in all local authority regeneration plans and strategy reviews affecting the area.

6. To lobby local government officials and private concerns to strive to achieve a high standard of upkeep, maintenance and services; and to reject or abandon schemes that the Association regards as unreasonable or unacceptable within the area.

7. To ensure that all meetings and other Association activities are accessible and welcoming to all members.

8. To promote community activities and events that cater for the general interests and needs of members within the catchment area.

9. To encourage the establishment of local neighbourhood watch schemes in an effort to reduce crime and disorder within the area.

10. To promote the preservation of Porth Beach and Whipsiderry as renowned, popular and largely unspoiled family amenities.

11. To be non-party political and non-sectarian in all its dealings.

any issues please use our contact us page

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