Porth Promenade Pedestrian Crossing Campaign


Every day in the holiday season, hundreds of Porth visitors and residents cross busy Alexandra Road to reach the Beach, the Promenade, the Mermaid, the restaurant or coffee shop, Porth Beach holiday park and its car park. During Boardmasters week, thousands of festival-goers walk through Porth. Accidents are rare, but for years, local people have been alarmed by the sight of families with members of all ages – sometimes in wheelchairs or pushchairs – scurrying to avoid fast-moving commercial vehicles or speeding cars. In 2012 – when the new Promenade was being built – Porth Residents requested that Cornwall Council include a crossing at Porth. The Council had a design prepared, but could not – at that time – find the additional money. Now, looking ahead to 2019, Cornwall Council has committed to provide funding and residents and businesses are asked to match its proposed £20,000 investment.


Q1 – Why do I have to contribute? Shouldn’t Cornwall Council be paying for this?

A1 – Road improvements are expensive and County budgets are limited. Projects are evaluated and cost- justified using strict criteria that prioritise major improvements and accident blackspots. Our town and county councillors are supporting the Porth project. (See Newquay Voice 12 December 2018 article page 2: ‘Schemes to boost safety and parking.’

Q2 – Do I have to join Porth Residents Association to make a pledge?

A2 – No, but we shall be delighted if you do. Membership costs only £3 per year and you can make a valuable contribution to the community by meeting new people and airing your views and ideas at our meetings.

Q3 – Do I have to pay now?

A3 – No. You only need to pay your contribution if and when the project goes ahead. Stay connected with developments via the Porth Residents Association Facebook page


🚘. A pedestrian crossing was included at the time of the renovation of the Promenade, but the funding ran out.

🚘 2018 The Newquay Town Council granted us £500 to have a traffic survey carried out.

🚘2019. We are negotiating to have a “Safe Haven “ Crossing built from the Promenade to the Caravan Park This will enable us to cross half way and be protected in the middle of the road. This type of crossing also helps with traffic management and speeding vehicles.

 🚘 The Newquay and St. Columb Network Group recently awarded us £5000 towards a survey to assess the road area, looking at lowering the pavements, electricity to the bollards, and location of the bus stop etc. The survey will identify the costings for all the work required to carry out this project. Estimated cost K20–K40

🚘Cornwall Council will hopefully contribute £20,000 leaving us to raise the remaining funds, which could be up to £20,000.

🚘We have been working closely with CCs John Fitter and Mark Formosa to secure a further K20 funding from the CC. They have both generously donated £500 from their Community Chest funds. 

🚘The PRA opened a separate “Crossing “ Bank account with £500.

🚘Pledges of £3000 have been gratefully received from local businesses.


The PRA also have written a “ Pledge” form to raise the remaining K20-K40. A printable version is below.